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New Zealand’s master of psychedelic chunk, Spoonhead, is known for his uncommon hybrid of progressive-psy, breaks and bass. Spoonhead has been locked in the studio for the last few months crafting a fresh new arsenal of delicious music. Spoonhead is now set to unleash these beautiful weapons on dance floors throughout Australasia.

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The Spoonhead experience sends you awash on the dance floor. Futuristic synths soar over ancient tribal rhythms while richly layered textures infuse with the sounds of his homeland Aotearoa.

Writing such a diverse range of genres (and having a truckload of original material to draw from) allows Spoonhead to smoothly flow between acts of different genres. Spoonhead’s moldable, tweakable live set makes for loads of fun on the dance floor and allows plenty of room for experimentation.

Spoonhead is as much at home in Australia as his homeland New Zealand; having played at Earth Frequency, Cairns Winter Solstice, Collaborations, Psyfari and many more. Be sure to check out Spoonhead’s latest E.P. from the infamous WEAPON Records and keep in touch to hear what’s in the works for Universal Tribal Records - deep tribal progressive psy!

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Wild times at #aumfestivalnz - it was amazing to bring in the new year with a wicked crew and some banging choones. #psyfamily #spoonhead #WeaponRecords #festival #psyfeature #psychedelic #aum #nye - thanks for having me @aum.productions.nz

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Where has Spoonhead played?

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